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Lasting Action For Inclusion

LAFI Burkina is passionate about enabling Burkinabè people with disabilities to fulfil their potential.

Our 2019 Annual Report

Our mission is to strengthen the capacities of our partners in Burkina Faso. Take at look at our latest Annual Report to find out how we have been working towards our mission.

Crowdfunding for our partner ODIS

The crowdfunding campaign for our partner ODIS' inclusive education and training project is LIVE! Click the Donate image above to learn more and to make a donation. We would be very grateful for your support.

Donate to LAFI Burkina

LAFI Burkina raises funds to support our partner organisations in specific project areas that will either further their work in disability rights, or work towards their own sustainable future.

Women who give birth to a child with a disability often face being abandoned. In an attempt to create a more positive portrayal of disability and to change the way that parents perceive their child’s disability, ODIS seeks to create an enabling environment where parents can learn how they can encourage their child to achieve their full potential.

Doreen* was rejected at birth by her father because of her disability. Her mother had no choice but to leave the family home and entrust Doreen to her elderly grandmother’s care. ODIS worked with Doreen’s family. They were able to convince the father to accept Doreen, so she and her mother have been welcomed back to the family home. Doreen has now joined primary school. She is adapting well and loves spending time with her new classmates.