Vision and Mission

Our vision is an inclusive society in Burkina Faso where persons with disabilities have equal rights and opportunities, with access to support to gain employment and alleviation from poverty.

Our mission is to strengthen the capacities of our partners in Burkina Faso to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities to live in a fully inclusive society.

Through working with partner organisations in Burkina Faso, our objectives are:

  • To promote the rights of persons with disabilities in Burkina Faso
  • To promote social inclusion in the Burkinabè community
  • To relieve poverty amongst persons with disabilities in Burkina Faso

What does LAFI mean? When someone asks you how you are in Mooré (the most widely used local language in Burkina Faso), your answer is always lafi, meaning healthy or well. In a country where life expectancy is relatively low, staying healthy is a concern for most, not least for persons with disabilities. As a charity, we want persons with disabilities in Burkina Faso to be well, and to have adequate access to healthcare, education and employment. We want them to mean it when they say lafi, and we think an important step in getting them there is through lasting action for their inclusion in Burkinabè society.

We are currently working on a new Strategy to help us achieve this, and we will share this here once it’s ready.

Registered charity number: 1164093