Our Approach

We have chosen to partner with disabled people’s organisations in Burkina Faso that we believe will allow us to work towards achieving our objectives.

Our aim is to reach persons with disabilities across Burkina Faso, so we have chosen our partners based on what they are able to achieve both in their local and wider communities.

Our partner organisations have a staff of highly skilled individuals, experienced in advocating for disability rights and supporting persons with disabilities. Unfortunately, they lack the financial means to carry out their activities. We therefore support our partners in the development and implementation of projects to empower persons with disabilities, as well as assisting them in accessing suitable funding to run these projects.

It’s important to us that the organisations we work with do not become dependent on our support, but rather work with us in a mutual partnership to achieve our shared objectives. We therefore maintain a professional and transparent working relationship with our partners, ensuring that they comply with our monitoring, reporting and evaluation procedures.

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