LAFI Burkina: working with ODIS to help children and adults with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Education For All

We are working with our local partner in Burkina Faso, ODIS, on a pilot project to improve access to education for children and adults with disabilities by raising awareness about disability rights within the local community, training teachers and finding solutions to overcome any physical barriers to access.

Far too many children with disabilities in Burkina are denied the opportunity to access an education and we wish to change this.  

Educational input, physiotherapy, mobility equipment and alternative communication methods at an early stage can help avoid future developmental problems and engage parents and carers in approaches that help their child fulfil their potential.

This programme offers solutions that can create positive, sustainable change to end the cycle of poverty amongst people with disabilities in Burkina.

LAFI Burkina believe that the provision of inclusive education and training will provide our beneficiaries with the education, life skills and confidence to break the cycle of poverty that may otherwise have entrapped them. To donate to our ODIS appeal, please click here.

Achievements So Far

In 2020:

  • 15 families, including Doreen’s (see Case Study below), attended training sessions about caring for children with disabilities;
  • 6 children received referrals to specialist healthcare centres;
  • 5 children received rehabilitation and one a specialist orthopaedic device;
  • 5 children with disabilities and 11 children with limited access to education (due to either parent having a disability, or the death of both parents) helped to access inclusive schools;
  • 10 adults with disabilities (6 women, 4 men) supported into employment through professional apprenticeships;
  • Professional training needs recorded for an additional 20 adults (15 women, 5 men) with disabilities;
  • Awareness-raising sessions for employers, parents and people with disabilities about employment opportunities and supporting people with disabilities in the workplace;
  • 5 consultation sessions with mayors and members of regional municipalities to improve visibility, understanding and the long-term sustainability of the programme.

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Our Plans

We will continue to: 

  • Raise awareness among families on the importance of education and early intervention for children with disabilities;
  • Encourage parents to enrol their children with disabilities in school;
  • Work with schools and vocational colleges to train teachers, create a physically accessible environment and provide appropriate resources;
  • Carry out advocacy campaigns about disability rights at both a government and local community level;
  • Work with employers to increase access to work opportunities. 

Thank You

The impact of this project will be felt long into the future as the beneficiaries of this project will provide an example of what children and adults with disabilities can achieve with the right support.

Once the staff are trained and the schools and training centres are physically accessible, other children and young adults with disabilities will continue to benefit from access to education.

The training within the local communities will also ensure that parents and local leaders have an awareness of disability rights and help reduce the stigma and negative stereotyping surrounding disability.

To donate to our ODIS project appeal, please click here. Thank you for your support.